Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello winter!

Wow, it's freeeeeeeezing here today. Cold and miserable. It's raining still, so that's putting everyone in a good mood. Lord knows we need the rain. It's lovely to see everything green and lush.

Speaking of lush - I must stop eating salt and vinegar chips sometime soon. It's getting beyond a joke.

I broached the subject of purchasing the new Ford Territory with DH last night. He said, "anything you want darling. Are you sure you don't need more scrapping stuff too." Oh, okay, that was just my delusion. He maintains that soon the kids won't want to be ferried around by us so we don't need to upsize. I reminded him that kids can't just "find their own way" to things these days, we need to escort them and make sure they are safe. Anyway, he concluded that we will have a look at our mortgage and see if we're making major progress there. If so, I may just get my car! I'm coveting the nice pale green colour.


The beef stroganoff was awesome. And took 3 mins to throw together - you can't ask for better than that. The kids even scoffed it all (Lara donated her mushrooms to Oscar, but that doesn't count).

The children are adopting some rather colourful language lately. I blame Pink. I came out to the rumpus room tonight to hear Lara giggling and playing one song over and over. Pink's "Girlfriend" was playing and the giggling was due to the lyrics "yeah I'm a mother f%@##ng princess". OMG!

Here's another card I made today. I quite like the colours in this one.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Peer pressure exists!

Well, I have abandoned MySpace and have now set up a new home here. MySpace was too "busy" and I constantly forgot to update it!

I hope to update this blog regularly, but can't make any promises. LOL

I will regularly post a pic of the stuff I've been working on.

This is one of my fave cards at the moment.
I am in love with my slow cooker. I have had some delish meals from it, and some not so delish that resemble Pal (ie dog food). Well, actually, the Pal meal was tasty, it just looked horrendous.
I'm off to slow cook Beef Stroganoff now. Yum.