Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was wonderful, I hope yours was too!

Here's a pic of three kids you might recognise! Notice Jacob's toothless grin. The second top tooth came out last week, but he thought it would be cool for Santa AND the Tooth Fairy to come on the same night, so we "hid" the tooth until Christmas Eve. Sure enough, the Tooth Fairy may have actually seen Santa, as they both paid a visit to our house on Christmas Eve!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

More cards!!

Creation Explosion over here! Perhaps it's because I'm procrastinating and trying to avoid painting the house! Shhhhh. Don't tell Steve.

This card was inspired by sketch #43 over at CPS. Those sketches just keep getting better and better!

The gorgeous brown felt scallops are from Remember When. I just love their felt range.

Speaking of their felt range, check out these adorable little birdies. They come in a variety of sizes in a packet. I am in love with them!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We just had the most amazing storm. The thunder rumbled constantly for about 40 minutes, then the rain came down. I thought we may have to build an ark, but it didn't get that bad. It'll be interesting to hear how many inches we got, because there was flash flooding everywhere.
Now, have you noticed that this is something like 3 blog posts in 4 days? How out of control am I?? We've had the most lovely day. My gorgeous husband had the day off work, and instead of rushing outside to work, he lay about and watched cricket all day. I realise many wives would rather the hubby go outside and work, but this is all Steve has done for the past 12 months. I've been nagging him to take it easy once in a while, and today he did. I'm so proud of him, and he feels very relaxed now. I did a few chores, last minute Chrissy things, and created some cards.
Remember When have a new range of felt Laser Cuts. These are gorgeous, and today a little package arrived for me to play with. I've only made two cards thus far, but I'm feeling very inspired today. Must be the storms and the mellow husband!!

Single figures!!!!

... until the jolly man in the red suit visits!! My kids are on the countdown, and getting super-excited. They still have school until Fri 21st, but it's winding down now. Oscar had his last EVER day of Kindergarten today. They hung out, ate party food, and had a visit from a very authentic looking Santa. Here he is...

Next time these kids are all together, they'll be school kids! Hard to believe, but oh so very close! Here are the silly boys. They were prompted with "Monkey's smelly Undies". The freckly boy is Oscar's best buddy "Logan" and the blondie is his second bestie "Jude"

Other than this, we've been consumed by Christmas parties and activities. I feel like I need a sleep that lasts for 3 days. Oh, and BTW? Me and alcohol? The relationship is all OFF. The lovely girls in my street all gathered for another cocktail party last weekend. We felt bulletproof after our last one where we drank copious amounts and woke up hangover-free. NOT so lucky this time. O. M. G. We disgraced ourselves, and woke up feeling very, very ordinary the next day. It may be Christmas in July before I can face a glass of wine or a cocktail again...
Jacob had a Mexican fancy dress and dinner at school last week. As usual, the school springs these things at the last minute, and us parents rush to gather supplies. This means many more $$$$$ in the pockets of Sparty's and Spotlight. The sombrero was easy, but the poncho took quite a few man hours (or woman hours) to pull off. My gorgeous neighbour got me the material, and it took me two attempts to achieve this:

I hope to post again before Xmas, but if I fail to, and this is completely on the the cards, Merry Christmas to all!!!

Side note: there is a storm brewing. I love storms! Love, love, love them. I think I'll go sit out on the 'proposed' front deck and watch the action!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Where does the time go? I am appearing very slack, and yet life is super busy and I certainly do not feel slack!

I am falling behind with this blog, due to the fact that I rarely get onto the computer out in the rumpus room these days, and this is the computer that the pics are all on. So, I shall blog in the absence of pictures!

The biggest news is that I've had my hair cut. Oh, it feels soooooo good. So much hair was cut off. It's a bit like the pics of Rihanna a few months ago. Sort of a bob, a bit longer at the front than the back, but not at all "Posh". Got the greys eradicated for the short term. Wish the suckers would be taken care of for good...

Not much creating going on... I'm working on a couple of projects to give to the kids teachers as gifts, but apart from that, time is being taken up with a series of social engagements. I love this time of year!!! I've just come home from a night out to dinner with the girls from Kinder. Once again, I am filled with a sense of warmth and community spirit. I'm so glad we moved back to Bendigo, a small town, where neighbours are your friends, and the Mum's you say hello to when you drop the kids off at kinder or school, actually become your friends and confidantes. This is what I wanted for my kids. To grow up surrounded by people who care and are looking out for them while they are out in the community, as opposed to the big cities, where you can go shopping or on an outing and not see a soul you know. I'm rambling now, but it just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Okay, next time I post (going by the frequency of previous posts, expect one some time about July 2008) I'll include some pics. Blog Candy.