Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We just had the most amazing storm. The thunder rumbled constantly for about 40 minutes, then the rain came down. I thought we may have to build an ark, but it didn't get that bad. It'll be interesting to hear how many inches we got, because there was flash flooding everywhere.
Now, have you noticed that this is something like 3 blog posts in 4 days? How out of control am I?? We've had the most lovely day. My gorgeous husband had the day off work, and instead of rushing outside to work, he lay about and watched cricket all day. I realise many wives would rather the hubby go outside and work, but this is all Steve has done for the past 12 months. I've been nagging him to take it easy once in a while, and today he did. I'm so proud of him, and he feels very relaxed now. I did a few chores, last minute Chrissy things, and created some cards.
Remember When have a new range of felt Laser Cuts. These are gorgeous, and today a little package arrived for me to play with. I've only made two cards thus far, but I'm feeling very inspired today. Must be the storms and the mellow husband!!