Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where does the time go?

I swear I updated here only a day or so ago... I got a shock when it said it was back in September. Goodness, the time is just flying. In no time at all it'll be Christmas, and then in only another blink of an eye, my baby will start school (insert Annie doing happy dance here).

Speaking of Xmas, I have officially started shopping. Have purchased a Nintendo DS for Lara. Got a bargain on eBay, it came with 5 games. Lara's friend has one, and they drag it out everytime they are together. Lara wants one too, so they can "connect and play the Dog game" whatever that means! Thank goodness we're not hosting the event again this year. It was nice, but very stressful and busy last year. Felt like all I did was stay chained to the oven, then had to trot off to work night duty on Christmas night. :( This year I have 5 WONDERFUL WEEKS annual leave over Christmas and into January. We plan to go away for a week or two, and the rest of the time will be spent with family and friends. Just lovely.

The house is fully rendered now! It looks so different, and so much more modern. The fence is nearly painted, we just had to agree on a colour to paint the house. I think we have agreed, but I'm not sure if Steve's just "given in" and perhaps he's not truly happy with the colour choice. I'll give him a couple more days before I go ahead and buy paint. He may change his mind, and I aint painting the whole house again if that happens.

I took some pics of the house yesterday. When I get orgainised, I'll upload yesterdays pic side by side with the pic we took when we bought the house. Will give you a better idea of the whole before and after thing.

Okay, I'll be back later with some photos. Ooooh, and I have been scrapping. Stupidly I chose to cover an intricate chipboard flourish with patterned paper for my drought breaking layout, so it's been time consuming. However, as I sanded away at it, I reflected on the merits of a quick layout versus a time consuming one. I have concluded that it matters not (unless you have a deadline). The joy of scrapping, for me, is the relaxation and stress release it affords me.

Have a great day!


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