Sunday, November 4, 2007


I have been working on Christmas cards today. Can you believe that?? Not long to go now. I have only started Xmas shopping. I traditionally leave it to the last minute, why should this year be any different? LOL

I loved Idol last night. Natalie is gorgeous. She's my fave. I think Matt has a good voice, but he drives me insane with his stupid hair.

Hmmmm, not much else to report. Should be getting the Chrisco stuff in the next few days. We'll be living off that for the next 6 months. Last year we had so much we had to go buy a larger chest freezer.


kazy2004 said...

Shit, 2 post in 2 days. you are out of control. Dance tonight, woo hoo.

Xmas cards, I have no idea what to do... Normally I have it sorted too. as for gifts, I am normally on top of that, have stuff in the cupboard thru the year and know exactly what to get, this year not much clue. But i did get some cool lego today. He will love it. Loves the bigger blocks you got, this is smaller. Ok will stop hoggin your blog now, LOL.