Sunday, August 5, 2007

Forgot to add...

I gave the new trampoline a go today. It is so much fun!! The kids thought it was the best thing in the world that I was jumping on there with them. We laughed and laughed until we could hardly stand up. Actually, Ossie couldn't stand up because a) he was giggling so hard, and b) we were jumping him around too much.
The pelvic floor muscles aren't what they used to be. The jumping combined with the hysterical laughing saw me having to empty my bladder a few times to avoid an inevitable accident. Must get onto those pelvic floor exercises. Those three kids in quick succession have taken their toll.
We have come up with a new game called "Brain Damage". OMG I'm giggling as I type this. It goes like this... The three kids lay down on their backs (stomachs don't work so well, as Jacob discovered) and they count to three then yell, "Brain Damage". I then jump as hard and fast as I can. The kids get tossed about - usually into each other - while I focus on my pelvic floor. LOL
It was honestly so much fun, and great exercise too. I was so puffed after just 20 minutes. Perhaps I'll get Steve to take a pic of "Brain Damage". I'm thinking it's something to have to see to understand how funny it is. (I've got the giggles again!)