Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guess what...

I actually scrapped the other day! I KNOW! It was so much fun. Got stuck into the new Basic Grey Recess range. Just perfect for the kids school photo. I'm scanning it right now so I can share.

The work out the front of the house is coming along nicely. The front door is out of action at the moment, so it's all bricked in to make a front deck. The postie just knocked on the front door, and I greeted him with an amazed "How did you get up here?!". LOL He's very tall.

We spent a small fortune at the nursery the other day, and bought heaps of plants to plant out the border garden around the rumpus room. Hopefully we've seen the last of the heavy frosts, although they are quite protected by the wall and the eaves. Time will tell anyway.

I am having the hardest time choosing a colour to paint the house once it's rendered... We painted the garden beds around the perimeter of the back yard a lovely "bayleaf" green. I'm leaning towards that colour as it will look nice against the wood of the front deck and the slats in the fence. Part of me says, "a GREEN house"?????!! Ah well will give it some more thought.

Here's the drought breaking layout!!


kazy2004 said...

Your LO is beautiful my darling. And what are you thinking a green house. OMG. I must say I am probably boring, but I love the colours of all the modern rendered houses you see around . The greys, the beigy/sandy colours etc. Boring, but they look so nice. Anyway, whatever you chose will be delicious,
Chat soon