Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thank God it's Friday

Phew, what an exhausting week. We've had our bricklayer here all week, with Steve working as brickie's labourer, and our front fence is taking place, as is another garden bed to the right front side of our property. We scored an absolute bargain on a new letterbox. It's not exactly the most honest we've ever been, but in our defence, we didn't realise anything was amiss until we left the shop. We chose a lovely stainless steel letterbox from amongst all the heritage coloured ones. We looked and saw that our nice shiny one was double the price of the others. We decided to hang the expense and get the one we wanted. As we drove home, Steve asked me to look at the receipt. Sure enough, the unenthusiastic 15 year-old serving us had charged us the price of the heritage coloured ones. Whoops. Bargain! So, our $230 letter box only cost us $115. I must go take some "work-in-progress" pics of the front of the house. We are also bricking up the foundations for our new front deck.

I put the trampoline together on Wednesday. It took me ALL day. I was so sore I could hardly move yesterday! Anyway, the kids love it. I am left wondering why we didn't do this earlier - thinking of all the peace I could have had. hehe Here's a pic of them in it, plus an extra kid (a friend of Lara's over for a play). And yes, that IS carpet on the ground. We aren't ready to put down turf yet, so the carpet is keeping the weeds at bay until we are ready!