Saturday, July 28, 2007

Slack, slack, slack!

Goodness, I have been very slack and not posted here for quite a while. I tend to drop off the radar for days on end after I've done a stint of nights. Very naughty.

We've had a rather busy weekend, and I almost feel glad to be going to work this afternoon to catch a break! Friday was the Parent-Teacher interviews up at the school. Both kids got a glowing report, which was nice. Lara's day was very social: a friend over for a play in the morning, and then a different friend over for a play in the afternoon. We went down to the footy oval in the afternoon and flew Jacob's kite (a birthday present from his Nan). It was such fun! All of us were giggling and running with the kite. It almost felt like one of those Hallmark moments.
I've been busy creating cards again. Trying to get my head around some masculine cards in time for Father's Day (September). I pretty much suck at masculine cards... Here are a few non-Father's day cards I've been creating lately.

One of my good friends is just in the process of announcing her pregnancy (you know who you are!!). A huge congratulations to your little family!!

I'm tentatively planning a trip to Las Vegas in July 2008. My gorgeous American friends have decided it's time for another get-together. Our last one was in 2003 in California, so it's probably about time we did it again. My darling friend Kazzy is thinking about joining me, so if she can come too, it's going to be a very awesome holiday.

And other exciting news. Drum roll please... we are getting a new Ford Territory. OMG! Someone suggested that I had drugged Steve in order to gain permission for this foray into debt (my husband, God bless him, hates owing money on anything). Watch this space for pics of my newest toy. No word yet on how long it will take.

Time for one last card:


kazy2004 said...

What, thinking about it, I am there girlfriend, I have my brochures already. Is a month too long??, LOL. Love the wedding card, gorg.
I am not pregnant, Hmm wonder who that is...
Ok going to map out the vegas scrapping stores. LMAO
Hope work was pleasant. :)
Love Kazwana