Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Influenza A... a for awful

We've been struck down by the flu. First time in my life I've actually had the "flu". It has always irritated me when people describe the common cold as the "flu" and now it will annoy me even more. There's no confusing the two. You might feel lousy with the cold, but you feel like begging for a lethal injection when you have the flu! As it stands today, Jacob is the only one to have avoided it. Steve had it the worst, and I reckon mine was the mildest out of us all. Mothers are not allowed to get sick anyway... Oscar took out the prize for most miserable-looking. He insisted he wasn't overly sick, but his poor little face just looked miserable. Ossie and I were sick at the same time, so we spent a good deal of it cuddled up on the couch together. Awwwwwwww.

I have been mega busy making cards. I haven't photographed them yet, but aim to do it sometime today. I also sent off a heap of cards to Remember When to be photographed, so keep a look out for my stuff on their site.

I went a little crazy and ordered up big from Yankee Candle Company. I just love their candles, they have a mega long burn time, and the smell is divine. I get frustrated with candles that have next to no scent. These candles make me happy, and seem to inspire creativity for me.

The new car is stalled. Got the go ahead from everyone: Steve, the bank etc, but now I'm re-thinking it. The repayments are quite large, so I'm just having another look around to see if I can fall in love with a cheaper car, to the extent that I am in love with the Ford Territory! Probably aint gonna happen, but for one the voice of reason has prevailed. I'm turning into Steve!!! hehe

Okay, off to clean my scrapping space, take some pics and then back to share with you later.

Have a great day!