Saturday, September 1, 2007


I am just sampling the newest release from Omni. Omni Purple (Berry). Just the right degree of sweetness, plentiful bubbles and a very nice colour. I can see a new addiction is being born.
Omni is a sparkling wine for those non-Aussies amongst us.

Not much has been happening here. Fence is up to the rendering stage. The guinea pigs are still alive. Father's Day is tomorrow, and the kids are busting to give Steve the presents they made/bought at the Father's Day stall. It's so sweet to see them mega excited about "giving" as opposed to the receiving part.

Our weekends are our own again! Netball finished last week, so we're having a rest from weekend sport for a while. Lara's still putting in hours at Gym, but that's during the week after school.

Lara's ecxema has been out of control. She's covered in scabs and itchy sores. There have been many rumours going around school that she has chicken pox. LOL I'm blaming myself. At the end of summer I switched laundry detergents. The previous one was an environmentally friendly one that can be used in grey water. I didn't see the point in paying extra $$ for detergent that just goes down the plug hole in winter. I think this is the culprit. I have since switched back to our old detergent, sourced shampoo and conditioner that don't have soap or perfume (thanks Kazzy) and have been slathering her in sorbolene three times per day. Finally starting to see some improvement. It's minor in the scheme of things, but awful to see her beautiful skin looking so manky and sore.

I'm having a bit of a slump with regards to card making and scrapping. I need to get re-inspired. I ordered some things from today. I always feel inspired by new things!!