Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things to share!

As promised, I have taken pics of all the cards I made today. I also did something else... I sorted my ribbons out. They had become a little disorganised, so I tipped them all out of their jars and re-sorted them. Before you view this pic, please know that I admit I have a problem when it comes to ribbons. I have far more than I will use in many lifetimes. I know this, I admit this. However, having said that, I make no promises about not adding to my stash any time soon...

The ribbons are now all back in their jars, and look fab.

Here are the cards I've been working on today. I hope to do some "scrapping" tonight, now that the cards are out of my system!


kazy2004 said...

card frenzy there my friend. You go girl. Love the cake, very cute.
Also finally saw you get a mention as a barn girl, and your pic is very glamorous. Have to steal your just for fun names.
Luv ya