Friday, June 27, 2008

Long overdue update!

No pics to share today, although I do have a few cards in the wings... I will share tomorrow. Just a long overdue update of all that is happening with us.
In breaking news, I have started a diet and exercise plan with two of my closest friends. We aim to keep each other honest! So, I'm counting points and exercising like a woman possessed. I hired a treadmill, as it's the dead of winter here and the days are short and miserable. If I don't happen to get out for a walk during school hours, it's not gonna happen without a treadmill. So, I LOVE it! I run like a spastic, and have previously only run on bush tracks in heavily wooded paths so that no one can see me. Now I can run in the comfort of my own home. Although... a couple of nights ago I was happily jogging away and Oscar (who is 6) piped up with, "you look fat". OMG. I felt like saying "hence the need for the running..."
I have lost almost 3kg in 2 weeks, so I'm happy. It's happening! Can you say, "long overdue?". I'm sure you can!
It's school holidays now! 2 weeks of a total absence of routine and early mornings! Woo Hoo. We are going away from 1st July to the 4th. Steve is working, but the kids and I are headed down to the beach with a good friend and her kids, to share a beach house, just the girls and the kids. Bliss. This time a couple of years ago I took the kids to Phillip Island by myself. I was soooo stressed I drank almost a bottle of wine by myself each night. At least this time I will have a buddy to share that bottle with!!


kazy2004 said...

Hey love, you are being so super dedicated, I applaud you. Your friend is not being soo good, but is still along side you. Enjoy your holiday, it will be awesome.
Love Kaz

jacqui jones said...

lol on the bottle of wine per night, i took the kids home a few weeks ago to see the grandies and it was the most stressful week of my life! plane flights and everything!
looking forward to seeing u next week