Friday, July 4, 2008

We are home!

Hello! We are home, safe and sound. I love a good holiday, but it's always nice to come home to everything comfortable and familiar.

So, we ventured to St Andrew's Beach on Tuesday morning, car packed to the rafters (does a car even have rafters????). I always have a minor panic attack the night before we are due to go on a trip somewhere. I envisage us all dying in a horrific car accident. I suppose it's better to expect the worst, then I will be on my best driving behaviour and be super careful. Anyway, the driving was uneventful and we followed my friend (who had been there before) to our destination. It was just lovely. It was all about the kids of course, but in the evenings we allowed ourselves a "platter" and drank wine and watched movies. It was relaxing, we bonded, and have made some memories.

We had shocking weather. Everytime we made a move for the beach it rained. On Thursday, we thought we waited for a break in the weather and once we got on the sand, a torrential downpour came down. We all came home soaked. But it was an adventure! We are from the drought capital of Victoria, we don't "do" rain!!!

Anyway, the kids are all quiet now. They haven't been asleep before 10.30pm while we were away, so I sent them off to bed early tonight. I will get out to my scrapping desk tomorrow and whip up a card making frenzy (being positive here, my mojo has taken a holiday as well it seems). So, until then, goodnight!