Monday, July 21, 2008

2 cards and a Birthday Boy

It was my eldest son's 8th birthday yesterday! He got out of bed in the morning, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, and that theme continued for the whole day. He is such a handsome little man! He is my darling, my middle child, my perfectly gorgeous boy! He is having his birthday "party" next Sunday, but on his actual birthday we celebrated with his best friend, and some other good friends. Fun times! Here is a pic of my boy:

My wonderful friend Kell had her baby today!!!! This was a much longed for, and planned for, baby. I am so happy for her that I could just about burst. As fate would have it, my DH Steve set up for her C-section. Being the Sensitive New Aged Guy that he is, he set it all up, then quietly left the operating theatre to give Kell a bit of privacy. (I love you Steve!!!!). So, she had a girl (which I predicted, and I usually go *against* my gut instinct because it was wrong 2 times out of three with my OWN kids!) I don't know any more details yet, but I am beside myself with joy!

In other news, I contributed to the Remember When Paper Company blog today. These are the cards I shared, based on a sketch by *me*.

Righto, it's time for bed. The kids have the day off school tomorrow due to Parent-Teacher Interviews. It will be predictable, but will make me proud. As luck would have it, all 3 of my kids are smart little cookies and are blitzing school and the curriculum.
Good night,
see you tomorrow, I hope, with some CPS etc.


kazy2004 said...

Hey, Happy birthday Jacob.
Sweet cards Annie, I love the colours in the HI. and you go Steve, although privacy for a caeser would not be as important as for the other type of delivery, hehe.

Night dear, Love Kaz