Monday, September 1, 2008

CPS #80

The sketch challenge over at CPS blog this week was a little different. We were challenged to choose any one of the previous 79 sketches and base a card on this. I have to admit that I went a little crazy and couldn't pick just one. I also hooked into some of my BG that I'd been "hoarding". Remember, I am not "saving" my favourite papers anymore. They are there to be used!

This first one is based on Sketch #59. The die cut stickers that BG produce make it super easy to embellish a card!!

This next card, still using the Sugared collection from Basic Grey, is based on Sketch #60. Why haven't I used these papers before, they are soooooo very pretty!

It's Father's Day this Sunday here in Australia. I made the next card using the Boxer range from Basic Grey, and this one is for my gorgeous old Dad! He doesn't read my blog, so it will remain a surprise! This is based upon Sketch #74.
The kids are eagerly anticipating the arrival of baby guinea pigs! We have had 3 boys for about a year now, and a couple of months ago we purchased two little girls. We have kept them apart at all times, as the girls are a bit young at the moment. However, one of the little girls started to get fatter and fatter, and now you can clearly feel little babies squirming around in her tummy. She's ready to pop anyday. We were perplexed as to how this happened, as all the kids have sworn that they never put the boys in with them. Then, I did a bit of research. Looked up the gestation period for a guinea pig (9 - 10 weeks). We did the math and worked out that she must have been "just" pregnant when we bought her. She was obviously in the cage with some boys at the pet store. I worry that she's a bit young, but I guess, in the wild, she would have been pregnant by now anyway. Ah well, stay tuned for the big announcement and the inevitable pics!!!


Carol said...

You will love the babies! We have baby gerbils at the moment and they are the sweetest things!

~dawne said...

Love all 3 of your cards. Great use of your products!!

Lea L. said...

Wonderful job on all of the cards!! So glad you that you are breaking out your is fun to stop hoarding, isn't it? I did the same thing a few years ago, and now have no problem cutting into a gorgeous sheet of paper!

So glad that you participated in our challenge this week, and got some fabulous cards done!


kazy2004 said...

Oh lordy, baby piggies, how cute, and NO I don't want any!
Love the cards, I really love those flowers you make and your daddy card is perfect.
Love your BFF

Becca Nelson said...

Great cards!! Love those color combos.