Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brisbane getaway!

I am in serious detox mode after my weekend away in Brisbane. Those girls showed me such a good time that I may not need to eat again for a week, and I definitely do NOT need to drink again until hell freezes over... I haven't seen these friends for 6 years (since I moved down here) and yet it was just like we picked up from yesterday. This is the definition of true friends, I believe. Anyway, in between our catching up, there was an endless supply of bottles of wine, snacks, restaurant meals, long walks and of course, laughing until our stomachs hurt and tears ran down our faces (actually Jo and I did share a drunken tear or two at a pub one night!). It was the absolute BEST time, and I thank the girls for their company, hospitality and friendship.

Back to reality here! I spent all day yesterday in the garden. I'm getting such pleasure from it. The veggie patch is coming along nicely. I planted strawberries, celery (for the guinea pigs, I cant stand the stuff), herbs and broccoli yesterday. Also put some unusual flax along the border of one of the front garden beds.

I bought myself an early birthday present yesterday. An iPod dock. I realise I may be the last person alive to have one, but I LOVE it. I also updated my iPod yesterday. I am loving Colbie Caillat, Duffy and One Republic. You know, I think music far outweighs nearly every other "thing" for making me happy.

Hmmm, I know there's more chatter I want to share, but I need to take the boys to AusKick. It's the juniour version of Australian Rules Football. Jacob loves it, but Oscar is only going on the promise of hot jam donuts afterwards! I persist, as Jacob was exactly the same last year. Oscar has more reasons to enjoy it really, as 4 of his friends from school are there. Which is a bonus for me. Last year I endured freezing cold mornings, sitting on concrete steps all alone. This year, I'll have other Mum's to chat and gossip with. Oh, and the mobile coffee van comes along too. Huge line up, as most parents are thinking alike.

Enjoy your Sunday!