Friday, June 22, 2007

Bottle shop happenings...

OMG, I had the biggest LOL today. After school, I had to go pick up some wrapping paper for a present Lara was presenting to her best friend at her 9th birthday party tonight.
Once we had finished with the supermarket, I moved on to the bottle shop. A middle-aged man was serving me as I purchased a 4L cask of Chardonnay. As I was about to pay, Lara was on her back, on the floor, trying to shimmy under the infra-red detector, Jacob was kicking her in the head as I looked down, and Oscar was poking the beautiful display of shot glasses. They guy behind the counter shot me a sympathetic glance, and I commented "Hence, the need for alcohol". He laughed and said that he was "just thinking, that these years are behind me". I laughed also and then he said, "Make sure you drink it slowly!". LMAO At least others have been in the same position as me before.