Saturday, June 9, 2007

lazy Saturday...

It's a long-weekend here (Queen's birthday weekend) and therefore there is no netball, but there is AusKick. Monday is a public holiday to honour the Queen's birthday (which is actually earlier in the year, go figure). Steve and I both have the weekend off which is very rare. I asked him if he wanted to go away for the weekend, but he declined, and proceeded to sort the plumbing and storm-water drainage. This is super important in this age of drought. We will get rain-water tanks soon, and hope that this is the way of the future and that we may be able to grow grass next summer. I am fairly confident that the drought will end in the next couple of years, but that is my own prediction.

Okay, Kaz and I have sworn off alcohol and salt and vinegar chips for *2 Weeks* starting on Monday. Yikes. We have to talk each other through it. If one of us cracks, we have to start the two weeks over again. I think I'll do alright with the wine, but can I last 2 weeks without salt and vinegar chips????


kazy2004 said...

Ok, alright... I think I am going to admit defeat already. LMAO.
I relised on waking this morning that I head to my sisters this coming weekend, and will NOT be able to have no charddy. So as a warm up, I am thinking that perhaps the challenge could be no charddy and S & V during the week, Mon thru Thurs.I was stupid to agrre to 2 weeks in the first place, I mean honestly. When I was considering it for myself I only thought 1 week, so Annie 2 was over the top wasn't it! So I admit I am week, and as an introduction to staying dry, I vow to not drink or each chips Monday thru to Thursday. Sorry Annie, I know I have let you down, but at least I am honest.
Love your drinking partner and wino friend. Kaz