Friday, June 1, 2007

Kinder excursion

Whoah, what a full on day. I went along with Oscar's kinder group today as they took an excursion to the Chinese Dragon museum and then stopped off at the local nursery to learn a bit about being water wise. It was fun, and I was very proud of Oscar - he was a saint. Not so saintly was the other kid I was "supervising". He refused to hold my hand (and when he finally consented, his hand was covered in snot...), he ran off etc. Grrrrrrrr. I ended up giving him an ultimatum and counting to 3, then I walked off on him. My kids would have come running after me at this point. Not this boy. He sat there defiantly and just scowled at my back. LOL I was very, very glad to drop him off back at Kinder.

I'm very excited to be about to re-organise my scrap space. My gorgeous husband just brought me home a massive trestle table from Bunnings. I'm going to be here all night getting everything the way I want it. I'll have to post before and after pics. Better get moving, otherwise I'm gonna be here all night.