Thursday, February 7, 2008

More cuteness...

I've been playing around making these cute little boxes.

This was just my first attempt. I'm making up a few to pop little treasures in, that Lara can give away as loot bags after her party next week. I feel that her 9 and 10 year old friends are grown up enough to appreciate this, and not just throw them in the bin when they get home.

My walking is getting easier and more enjoyable. This morning I headed out for a massive walk that took me approx 55 mins. I felt absolutely on top of the world when I finished. Surely, all this effort will soon be having an effect on the size of my bum. So please, if you think it's looking ever so slightly smaller, be sure to let me know - I need the encouragement. Alternatively, if you feel it's looking much the same, or even "bigger" just smile and lie through your teeth for me, will ya? (She types all this as she sits here eating popcorn.... yikes!)

Right, one last card to share and then I'm going to do a CPS challenge, before it's time for the next new one!


kazy2004 said...

Your cards fill my heart with love, hehe, they are so Valentine. Gorg. The loot bag is very cute too, the girls will love them. I hope Lara Jean has an awesome birthday and a fun party..MWAH to you LJ. You are looking ever so thin too, way to go :)
Love always kaz

Annie said...

Thanks Kazzy. you have such a way with words, although you WERE warned to lie! hehe