Tuesday, February 19, 2008

X0X0 - Anniversary

This is the title of this week's challenge at Caardvark's blog. Here's my card...

I will share with you a shocking secret. Last week was my own 11th wedding anniversary and I have to admit that I didn't give my husband a card. He doesn't really see what all the fuss is about with cards. He throws them straight in the bin, and would never buy one for anyone else. He is super supportive of me making cards, he just has no desire to give or receive cards himself.

In other news, I just spent a small fortune on Stampin' Up supplies! My dear friend Kazzy is now a SU rep, and she has always been good at encouraging me to part with my money. LOL I am beside myself with excitement, waiting for the new Basic Grey to hit Aussie shores.

Finally, I have a cold :( I am being a very big baby about it, although as usual, no one at my house really cares much. As long as I continue to get food, look for lost items, and give the occasional cuddle the kids couldn't really care if my nose won't stop running, or that my throat feels as though it has 4 large razor blades lodged in it. Waaaaaaah. Off to find more tissues.


kazy2004 said...

11 years is quiet the milestone, well done. I also think you will be so happy with your Stampin' Up!. The stamps you chose are so flexible. Can't wait to see you work your card magic.
Now do your tag you slacker.


SmilynStef said...

Such soft pretty colors and I love that grea alphabet ... beautiful anniversary card.

Jackie G said...

VERY pretty!

Jolene said...

Such a pretty card! I'm glad that you make cards for people who appreciate them. They're too pretty to waste!

kazy2004 said...

I tag you AGAIN, now get to it you slack arse. @ tags my friend!!