Thursday, January 31, 2008


Wow. I've waited 9 years for this. My baby started school on Wednesday and I now have NO kids at home during the day. Oscar handled it well. He was a bit nervous before we left home, but he soon forgot that when he saw his friends. I'm so proud of him. And proud of my other two as well. They told me that they'd gone to "check" on Oscar over the course of the first day.

Jacob did amazingly well too. He has had separation issues in the past, and up until the end of the last school year would get a bit anxious if he came out of his classroom at the end of the day and couldn't immediately see me. I talked to him a week or so ago, and explained that it's Oscar's turn now... that I would meet the bigger kids outside Oscar's classroom, and that I needed to stay for reading in Oscar's class etc. I explained that each kid got the most attention during their first year, as they are learning to read, finding their way etc. Well, I think he wondered what all the fuss was about! He's not missed a beat. Says goodbye without a backward glance, meets me at the playground after school without stressing... He's really a big boy now.
Here are a couple of pics taken on the first day: