Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shop til you drop...

Well, we didn't exactly shop until we dropped, but rather shopped in child-free splendour ALL day!
My friend and neighbour, Maree, and I took the train to Melbourne today and trawled DFO for a few hours. We had a peaceful and decadent hot chocolate then wandered up to the mall and browsed for the next few hours. I actually was very restrained. I didn't purchase much at all, it was more about the time out, the ability to have a conversation without interruption etc. And, to finish a perfect day, I came home to find the family "out" so here I sit in a quiet and peaceful house!

The one task waiting for me is to clean all the crap off my scrapping desk. If I am to get any creating done tonight, I need to do this. I had visitors the other day, and as I cleaned the kitchen table and time ran out, I simply moved the stuff off the kitchen table to my scrapping desk. Therefore, I didn't really achieve anything. The table looks lovely, and it's more visible to visitors, but on closer inspection, my scrap space looks like a tip!!!

Okay, off to tidy up. See ya.


kazy2004 said...

always nice to get out of the house isn't it.
Glad you enjoyed some time away.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Cheers Karen