Sunday, November 9, 2008

A big week!

I can tell that the countdown to Christmas has started. Our social lives have become super busy all of a sudden. Lots of little activities planned, as the weather warms up and us Aussies do what we do best - outdoor entertaining and fun! On Tuesday night we are going to a Trivia night to raise funds for the kids school, and then on Wednesday, Ali and I are off to the Bendigo Cup. Al is the Copy Editor at the Bendigo Magazine, and they have a Marquee at the Cup every year. She kindly invited me along, and so we have purchased frocks, hats etc. We are even booked in to have spray tans on Tuesday. I am ever so frightened about it. It's at another friend's beauty salon, but thankfully she isn't the one doing the tan. I couldn't face her ever again if she had seen me in nothing but a disposable G string. My lord!!! On Saturday we are attending a wedding. I will not know a soul there, which makes me a bit uncomfortable, and I will probably just drink to get over my shyness. Recipe for disaster if you ask me!!! The bride is a girl that Steve used to work with. It's Black Tie, so gives us an excuse to get all tarted up.
Sorry, got carried away! You are probably here to see some cards. I have plenty up my sleeve, thanks to the RW Getaway. Here are some for you!

Next time I will share before and after pics of our back yard. I can't tell you how much I love our turf. Grass is a luxury here in Bendigo. You can only water your lawn if you have a tank or use recycled water. When I was a kid, running through the sprinkler on a hot day was common. To my kids, it's something they can only dream about. They have made a chart on the wall, counting down to the day when they can run and roll on our own grass. Who would have thunk it??? Okay, I'm off to water the turf, with our tank water. I'm waiting for someone to see me watering and to "dob" us in, thinking we are using town water for it. If you have the audacity to water in Bendigo, people usually erect a sign saying "Tank and recycled water in use". I tend to think that it's none of their business, so we don't have a sign.
Have a great week. I will share pics of my bronzed skin and pics from all our events this week.


kazy2004 said...

have an awesome time you big spunk. i am assuming you don't look like a big Jaffa, hehe.
Your cards are absolute crap too by the way.
Kidding, LMAO. God those girls have rubbed off on me!