Thursday, November 6, 2008


While I was away, I finally inked up a set of stamps that I have loved, but failed to use yet. I hate to admit it, but this is the case with a few of my stamp sets...

It's been raining ALL day here today. This never happens here in Bendigo. The Turf Gods must be smiling on us!

This next card is one of my favourites from the Getaway. The preggers lady Laser Cut can be purchased from RW Lasercuts. I just love her, although she lacks the swollen ankles and massive boobs that were a feature of all of my own pregnancies!

Guess what? I am feeling a bit inspired to scrap! This is massive news, as I have done a mere three layouts in the past 12 months. I am so in love with cardmaking, that scrapping photos has taken a back seat. Don't hold your breath, it may not happen... just warning you that a layout may pop up on this blog when you least expect it!