Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nothing stirs the juices....

... like new supplies! I have only been awake for a few short hours today (due to Night Duty, not laziness!) and yet I have made 6 new cards, albeit simple cards. I just love a good injection of new supplies to amplify the creative juices. If only the $$$$$ factor were not an issue, and I could have new supplies every couple of days. It may seem like I have been on a spending binge lately, but it's a calculated thing. I knew CHA was due to hit Aussie shores around March, and thus a saving blitz was underway. Now that I have spent my little heart out, a new saving blitz is insitu.

I will share pics as soon as I am able, but I spent up rather largely on a storage system just a few weeks ago. Due to backorders, it will take 6 weeks for my "amoire" to arrive, but when it does, I'm expecting miracles. All my mess will miraculously disappear into the recesses of my new amoire. Stay tuned.

Right, here are the cards I've been busy with today. Similar themes and colours here, but what can I say? The Lynden range from Scenic Route is, perhaps, one of my all time faves.