Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday sharing

I'm doing a big stretch of Night Duty at the moment, so I'll be keeping a low profile until Tuesday. We were so busy and understaffed last night that none of us got a break in the 10 hour shift. It was horrid, and I was beside myself with tiredness by the end of the shift. Was soooo happy to climb into my snuggly bed this morning.

We finally held a party for Lara's 9th birthday on Saturday. My Princess, the one who loves clothes, make up and jewelry, chose to do Laser Tag for her party!! She makes me laugh. Anyway, the 10 girls and 2 boys (her brothers) had a smashing time. Here's a pic of my grown up girl.

Since I've been working the past couple of days, I have not found much time to sit at my scrapping desk. I do have a few things to share that I made over the past few days. I'm still working my way through my Scenic Route scraps, as well as happily chopping into my new Basic Grey!!