Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thursday things

My Basic Grey came!!! It took all my restraint to keep from rolling around in it. I'm in love! I am going to actually USE this lot. My bulging Cropper Hopper which is devoted to Basic Grey papers is a testament to the fact that I tend to hoard the stuff and not actually use it. No more! I must work my way through these mountains of beautiful patterned paper that I have accumulated.

Now, here are a few cards I made yesterday. I recently purchased this book of card sketches, which helps enormously when inspiration eludes me. The sketches are also good for when you need to whip up a super quick card.


kazy2004 said...

Love all of these Annie, so fresh.

Happy rolling in your BG. You are like a pig in S***!! Hehehe.

cheers Kazwana

Sherry Wright said...

Beautiful cards, love them all and what you did with the CPS sketch. Have fun with the Basic Grey. :0)